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ECM : Workflow

The automatization of business processes - either in part or as a whole - during which documents, information or tasks are forwarded or routed from one participant to another, is called a workflow. Participants can be other employees or electronic systems. Today, many of these processes are handled manually and, thus, are sensitive for errors and mistakes. These errors can in some cases have an impact on the entire performance of an enterprise - especially when other processes are impacted as well. The solution for this problem lies in the deployment of modern workflow systems.

Why Workflow?

Workflow Management consists of the automatization of business processes or "workflows" during which documents, information or tasks are forwarded or routed, based on standardized rules and procedures. Workflow solutions have evolved from many different approaches. While some solutions have developed as pure workflow software applications, others were intended as image management, document management or database systems. Each of these approaches offers specific strengths the user can benefit from. The implementation of an approach for workflow management that is based on standards enables the user to combine and use the different benefits and to establish a strong infrastructure.

Workflow Management offers a number of benefits . Some of these are:

  • Increased efficiency - the automization of business processes results in the elimination of unnecessary steps and sources of errors.
  • Better process control - better management of business processes through standardized work methods and the availability of audit tracks.
  • Better customer service – Consistency within processes leads to increased foresight and reliability regarding the reactions to customer requests.
  • Flexibility – Controlling processes through software solutions enables enterprises to re-design these processes whenever changing business structures or requirements demand a change.
  • Better business processes - The focus on business processes leads to a stronger, clearer business vision and process simplification.
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