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ECM : Hummingbird EIP

Hummingbird Enterprise™ is a flexible suite of applications for managing business content, enhancing business processes, and optimizing knowledge transfer and collaboration within the extended enterprise. The technology empowers organizations to create a 360° view of business flow throughout the enterprise and conduct business from anywhere, anytime within a virtual workspace environment.

Each suite application enhances different aspects of “virtual workspace” efficiencies. Organizations have the flexibility to go with “on demand” deployment of component applications or deployment of the whole suite for maximum control.

Hummingbird Enterprise™ Architecture

Hummingbird Enterprise™ is designed to accommodate deployment flexibility depending on customer requirements, rather than technology constraints.

Key design principles for achieving deployment flexibility include:

  • Modularity. Each component application may be deployed as a standalone.
  • Seamless Integration and Interoperability. Each suite application may be deployed in any combination with other suite applications.
  • Extensibility. The open and standards-based architecture provides a seamless platform for integrating 3rd party applications.

Hummingbird Enterprise™ Benefits

Hummingbird Enterprise™ is a framework for maximizing the value of business content and intellectual capital. A scalable, robust enterprise information management repository at the foundation of the suite enables management of the entire enterprise content lifecycle (documents, images, records).

The integrated suite provides:

  • Lower Cost of Ownership. Inter-application integration facilitates fast deployment and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Operational Efficiency. Ubiquitous access to and control of information drives enterprise productivity and revenues.
  • Accelerated ROI. Reduced complexity and training time enable fast return on investment and profit contributions.
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